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shitluck133 [userpic]

got coke and piff what you want

January 10th, 2009 (12:36 pm)
current song: Killa Cam-Cam'Ron

you can smoke or sniff..............
Chillen at Adams again listen to Killa Cam
SHOTTAS FIA FIA POM POM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shit pops off alot lately
Its been ghey cause mad things gettin different alot ppl losing friendships and shit
But whatever fuck it
Niggas is changing you schmell mee
But last night i told her
KEpt it real hopefully she thougth about it cause its starting to be deadasss with me and shit
<333 no homo
Got yellow diamonds in my ear you can call them lemon heads...............

shitluck133 [userpic]


January 6th, 2009 (03:35 pm)

Well im madd odeee burnt an di dont like the feeling it sucks
at adams chillen.............................
Write more shit later cause kinda tight maddd badd wedd smoked today

shitluck133 [userpic]

Yea peeps in my room

December 19th, 2008 (01:44 pm)

wush pamp>>?
drinkning coors and shizz
bbl fuckin bitches

shitluck133 [userpic]


December 9th, 2008 (12:16 am)

6 months

shitluck133 [userpic]


December 5th, 2008 (04:31 am)

tell me how where gonna leave my apartment and we get outside and theres racoons running around
i saiid fuck that and came bac inside
Rabbit went home i think......hopefully but ill see him tommorow
Birthdays coming up soon
17 Shunnn

shitluck133 [userpic]

Bitch Ass NiGGA!

December 5th, 2008 (04:18 am)

iight yo chillen wiht rabbit right now
yea shunn
its like 420AM
We eating cornflakes and shit
dont ask why
but we about to go outside and meet up with some ppl


shitluck133 [userpic]

Suck my Diick

April 28th, 2008 (09:22 am)
current song: Suck My Dick-Dj Valentino

Suck my motherfucking diick
I <3 that song

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